Driving monk survives car wreck

The monk waits calmly near his wrecked car after an accident in Sawankhalok district of Sukhothai on Saturday. (Photos by Pubet Faithet)

SUKHOTHAI: A driving monk survived unscathed after his car swerved to avoid a cat, hit a concrete pipe and flew off the road on Saturday.

The lucky escape followed an accident that took place on the Sawankhalok-Si Satchanalai Road in Moo 1 of tambon Pa Kum Koh in Sawankhalok district. Monks in Thailand are not allowed to drive or own motor vehicles.

Rescue workers found the old Mitsubishi Lancer Champ car almost vertical and stuck nose-first into the ground a few metres from the side of the road. The car was a total wreck but the monk appeared fine as he waited nearby.

The monk, whose name was withheld, said he had been staying at a local temple and was driving back to his temple after doing some business. A cat suddenly ran across the road just in front of the car, so he turned the vehicle to save the animal.

The car ran over a tree trunk and then struck a concrete pipe beside the road, flew into the air and took a nosedive onto another trunk. Rescue workers used a crane to bring the car down.

The car rests on a tree trunk after flying off the road.

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