Flood embankments burst in Trang

Water from the Trang River overflows into riverside communities and farms in Muang on Saturday evening. (Photo by Methee Muangkaew)

TRANG: Flood embankments along the rising Trang River burst at two locations in Muang district on Saturday evening, causing water to overflow into hundreds of properties.

The embankment in Moo 2 of tambon Nong Trud failed as the river absorbed a deluge of water from the Banthad mountain range and Thung Song district of Nakhon Si Thammarat province.

Local authorities said that floodwater through the damaged embankment would inundate as many as 300 to 400 houses in Moo 1, 2 and 3 and all the farmland in tambon Nong Trud.

In Moo 6 in tambon Bang Rak, water from the ruptured wall was flowing to areas of Bang Rak and Nong Trud, as well as tambons Na Toh Ming and Khuan Thanee.

Local officials said embankments along the river were also at risk of collapsing at many other locations.

Flooding remains very heavy in , affecting 800,000 people, with Songkhla the worst hit, officials said on Saturday.

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