Israel plans to build 6,000 new homes in East Jerusalem

The Dome of the Rock Mosque in the Al Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem’s Old City is seen while Jewish orthodox men pray in a cemetery in jerusalem, Thursday, Decemver 7, 2017, a day after Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. (AP Photo) Top News

Israel is planning to build thousands of new homes in Jerusalem, including some 6,000 apartments in East Jerusalem, following Thursday’s announcement by US President Donald Trump that he recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, according to a report from Israeli Hadashot news.

The report said that the plan is being pushed by Housing and Construction Minister Yoav Galant and includes 14,000 new homes in four different neighbourhoods in Israel in total, Xinhua reported. The report said that all apartments are reported to be entirely new building projects and not a further authorization of previously approved plans.

Trump announced on Wednesday the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and his intention of moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

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