Lukewarm response to Prayut 5 cabinet – poll

Only about half of the respondents in an opinion survey conducted by Suan Dusit Rajabhat University think the latest cabinet reshuffle will help the government of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha improve its performance.

The poll was conducted on Nov 28-Dec 2 on 1,195 people throughout the country to compile their opinions on the new cabinet line-up – featuring both newcomers and previous ministers in new positions – sworn in before His Majesty the King on Nov 30.

Asked whether they think the reshuffle will enable the government to improve its performance, 50.22% said ‘yes’, because the new ministers are competent, knowledgeable and experienced; 42.67% expected the government’s performance to remain the same; 7.11% expected the government’s performance to worsen because of the disruption caused by the change in personnel.

Asked their overall opinions about the Prayut 5 cabinet, 32.18% said they expect to see improvement in the government’s work; 28.71% said it would take some time before its concrete achievements can be seen; 17.48% said it was intended to build people’s confidence in the government; 16.50% said it was merely a rotation and of cabinet post holders, and 10.82% said it was designed to reduce pressure and criticism from the public.

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