Rice-husk blaze destroys six coaches

Firefighters hose down decommissioned coaches that caught fire from nearby husk burning in Muang district of Udon Thani on Saturday afternoon. (Photo by Yutthapong Kumnodnae)

UDON THANI: Fire from burning rise husks destroyed six decommissioned tour coaches in Muang district on Saturday, causing about 2 million baht worth of damage.

Local police were alerted to the blaze at 407 Garage in Ban Non Phu Thong in tambon Ban Jan on Saturday afternoon. Seven fire engines responded.

Firefighters saw the six coaches burning on a plot covered with dry grass behind the garage. They took about an hour to put out the fire. All the coaches were destroyed.

Prasit Nilwiset, a supervisor at the garage, said the fire had spread from husk burning in an adjacent paddy field and reached the coaches that were parked near the garage pending their sale. He estimated the damage at 2 million baht.

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